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Steven Jackson Associates

An Interim Manager for your Engineering business

Tel: 07724856918

Steven Jackson has over 20 years experience managing and leading process operations. He has worked in nationalised utilities and private industry, at all types of power plant and gas processing complexes. His experience is bourne from practical application as well as theoretical understanding.


Steven is an adept business troubleshooter, able to rapidly analyse the sitaution, see "the big picture"  and then design bespoke tactical solutions.


In his work, Steven has:

  • developed business strategies
  • written business plans
  • designed balanced scorecard based measurement systems
  • delivered organisational culture change
  • implemented Business Process Management Systems
  • redesigned 24/7 shift patterns to meet changing business priorities
  • critiqued permit-to-work systems, extracting the best aspects of various systems to build effective safe systems of work for complex organisations
  • implemented SAP system to improve maintenance management, contract administration and financial performance
  • investigated, audited and critiqued divergences from expected results in order to extract the learning and deliver continuous improvement
  • developed innovative engineering and organisational solutions to enable a positive shift in business performance
  • created win-win solutions with clients to extract the optimum commercial solution

Interested to know if Steven can do the same for your business? Contact him today on 07724856918 or 

Strategy and Planning

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Steven has delivered the following:


  • a vision, mission and strategy for King's Lynn Power Station
  • a 5 year strategy document for Peterborough Power Station
  • an HSE strategy document for British Gas Power Generation
  • a business plan for Hydrocarbon Resources Ltd
  • strategy management workshops
  • scenario planning workshops
  • SWOT analysis of energy sector
  • communications sessions to technical and administrative staff to improve employee engagement with business strategy

Managing Change

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Many claim to be able to Manage Change - Steven has hands-on experience of: 

  • writing ¬£mm investment business cases
  • presenting cases to board level
  • undertaking economic assessment of benefits cases
  • positively influencing sponsors to invest time and effort in change
  • presenting the "what's in it for me" case to all stakeholders
  • managing the impact of technical on the organisation
  • managing the impact of organisational change on the core business
  • reducing the disruption casued by change 

Steven can design and train a Management of Change process that works for your business...give him a ring! 

Realising Benefits

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Do your business measurement systems help you manage your business effectively?


Steven has designed and undertaken benchmarking studies to show businesses where they can improve delivery.


Steven has developed "balanced scorecard" measurement systems to track performance delivery.


Steven has built systems to track the progress of delivery against target, enabling project sponsors to rapidly determine if change projects are working